Messi played the entire second half with a bloody ankle

Messi played the entire second half with a bloody ankle


The Argentina captain was on the receiving end of a tough tackle from Colombia's Fabra

The image of Lionel Messi with blood on his ankle would have worried everyone concerned, from his teammates in the stadium to spectators watching the semi-final at home. The Colombian full back Frank Fabra committed the hard foul which injured the Argentina captain.

The incident took place at the start of the second half. Fabra entered the pitch after the break and went in search of the ball that he was unable to control. When it fell to Messi's feet, Fabra kicked the number 10 hard on the ankle.

Referee Jesús Valenzuela did not initially blow for a foul, although he stopped play and showed a yellow card to the Colombian defender. Fabra approached Messi to offer his apologies, and was seen asking for his shirt after the game.

The blow affected Messi's performance for the rest of the half, although he still made efforts to try and help the team. After Colombia equalised through Lucho Diaz's late finish, Messi grew in prominence. Despite his injury, he had a great goalscoring chance near the end of the game but was only able to hit the post.

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