Pep Guardiola reveals his anti-Vinicius plan

Pep Guardiola reveals his anti-Vinicius plan

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The Man City coach is ready to face off against Real Madrid again

Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola appeared at a press conference to assess the semi-final against Real Madrid and acknowledged that stopping Vinicius Junior is one of his objectives.

Guardiola has prepared a plan to combat him. "We are going to pay special attention to him," he said, which is why the marking of the Brazilian will be fierce.

Pep added: "It's the same thing we do against Salah, Mané, with every team...we are not naïve. We don't think we're so great and it doesn't matter what Madrid do. There's also Benzema, Rodrygo ... and what I liked the most is their ability to play together, they don't burn the ball. They get together and it's difficult to take it away from them."

On an individual level, Guardiola commented that "Vinicius is a player who sinks you every time they can make contact with him. They repeat a lot. He's got a lot of experience because his players have been in similar situations. It's good news that we're getting closer".

The player from Santpedor said he was shocked "by the insistence" of Vinicius Junior and he didn't stop trying again and again.

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