Nainggolan: Drinking and smokine doesn't make me a bad person

The Belgian midfielder spoke about his occasional vices

Nainggolan, en un partido con el Inter de Milán
Nainggolan, en un partido con el Inter de Milán   | AFP

Radja Nainggolan spoke to France Football about the criticism he recieved for his bad habits, saying they are "normal" despite the fact he's a top level footballer. 

Nil Congost

For Nainggolan, being a footballer does not mean you can't drink and smoke every now and again, as long as it doesn't become a problem. 

"I drink and smoke moderately," The Belgian midfielder said. "Even a footballer can smoke, even if it's not a 'normal' job." 

"I can assure that I am a normal guy. I'm not a 'bad boy' like many people say. I can live a normal life." 

He is very proud of his family: "When I was younger I was earning 1,000 euros a month, but for my family that was a lot. 

"I try to make sure they have a good life. My mother inspires me. She's been the most important person in my life. She didn't have anything, but she gave me everything, making a lot of sacrifices." 


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