Balotelli: I would like to play with Leo Messi

The Italian spoke on Instagram to fans who asked him questions

Mario Balotelli con el Brescia
Mario Balotelli con el Brescia | EFE

Antonio Tuachi

Mario Balotelli spoke to his followers on Instagram, doing a live video in which he answered questions asked of him by them.

His best memory: "When I took Italian citizenship, I was 18 years old."

A game he'd like to repeat: "The Euro 2012 final against Spain."

A footballer he would like to play with: "Messi. It will probably never happen, but everyone would like to play with him. Obviously it wouldn't be bad to play with Cristiano Ronaldo, he's a phenomenon too. But I prefer Messi."

His relationship with Mourinho: "We get on well. We had some rows but without a lack of respect. Only once did something in particular happen but the rest of the time I was good with Mourinho. After the Champions League he came on the bus and I was basically lying there and I heard them all cry, while he said goodbye to everyone. It marked me to see these images."


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