Yarmolenko says 'no' to Wenger's Arsenal: "My dream is to play for Barcelona"

Andriy Yarmolenko scored a hat-trick in his most recent appearance for Dinamo Kiev, but interest in the striker from across Europe has been about long before then.

His enormous quality in the final third has caught the attention of the continent's top clubs, but nobody has been able to lure him away from Ukraine yet.

That's the case for Arsene Wenger's Arsenal. Just a few days ago, the French coach personally called Yarmolenko to communicate his desire to bring him to London. The response he drew was clear: "I appreciate the interest, but my dream is to play for Barcelona." 

However, Yarmolenko is a realist. He knows it is difficult to make it to Barça and for that reason he is considering other offers. Everton is the most serious one, with a deal already agreed between the English club and Dinamo Kiev. 

He's optimistic about making it to Barça, though, despite the difficulty. He would even be willing to ask his current club not to play him in the Champions League group stages, just in case the chance does arrive to move to Camp Nou in January. 

Whether now or later, it is clear that Yarmolenko is ready to sign for Barcelona, as he let Arsenal know. The ball, therefore, is firmly in Barça's court.   



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