Xavi hails the signings of Lautaro Martinez and Neymar

Xavi hails the signings of Lautaro Martinez and Neymar

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The former Barca player spoke on the YouTube channel 'Post United'

Xavi Hernandez spoke to Youtuber DJMariio in an interview for channel 'Post United'. The legendary midfielder spoke about Barcelona and potential transfers, including Lautaro Martinez and Neymar. Here are some of his key comments.

Opinion on Lautaro Martinez: I like him. He gets away from his marker well, stretches the play, plays in space, in small space too, Barcelona are doing well to be interested.

The return of Neymar: Why not? Football-wise, I have no doubt. I was with him in the dressing room and he seems a great person to me. He was professional here and would make the difference. Later comes the social side, beaurocractic stuff, which I'm not getting involved in. But on the pitch, he's among the five best (in the world).

Coaching Barca: Now I've tried it, I see myself as capable. It's a dream to come back to Barcelona. I've said it many times, Barca is my home, it's my life. I'm learning a lot as a coach in Qatar. Evidently coaching Barca is big words, you have to be sure, you have to be very prepared. I'ts a process and I hope one day to get there.

Barca in La Liga and the Champions: In La Liga I see them as favourites. In the Champions League it's different. Barca have won the UCL when they've been far superior to their opponents. Barca can't play with this historic 'luck' that other sides have, they have to be dominant, very sure of themselves. Why can't they win a Champions League like this? I see it as difficult, history tells us that Barca have won when they control the play and are much better than their opponents.

Luck in the UCL:  It's not just Madrid, other clubs have had it too. At Barca we had luck at Stamford Bridge, with 10 players, Iniesta's goal, practically no shot on. That is luck. I say it's luck when you don't have a good season, you're fifth, fourth, sixth in the league and you win the Champions League.

The style he wants for his teams: When my team has the ball is when I'm calm. I prefer them to have the ball, not just to have it for having its sake, you have to go to attack. I like to work with high press to rob it back.

Comparison between Pique and Puyol: Saying one is better than the other is complicated. They are different. For me they are the best pair of centre-backs Barca have had in their history.

The coronavirus in Qatar: Here it's more controlled. There are few deaths. We are confined but it's not as terrible as in Spain. They've shut everything, football is paused, you train at home. We're at 35 degrees but we have a garden and go in the pool."

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