Why VAR was used correctly for Suarez's goal against Leganes

There was no clear and obvious error so the on-pitch decision rightly stood

 El segundo tanto azulgrana vino con polémica por una posible falta en ataque del uruguayo sobre el guardameta pepinero | LALIGA

Ramón Fuentes

Another Monday kicks off with controversy, this time in relation to Luis Suarez's goal against Leganes and a possible foul on goalkeeper Ivan Cuellar before he scored. 

SPORT have consulted various referees to look at the decision which referee De Burgos Bengoechea and the VAR official for the game came to Iglesias Villanueva -- which was to award the goal. 

We first have to go back to FIFA and VAR's explanation on the use of technologu: it only intervenes in the case of a clear error. And Suarez's goal doesn't fit that bracket. Because while it's a play which ends in a goal, the key is that neither live nor through the replays can it be confirmed that Suarez hit the goalkeeper before the ball.  

And that's the key because, in similar situations, the referee's interpretation on the pitch stands. 

Let's put ourselves in the situation. At the moment the goal is scored, referee Ricardo de Burgos sees no foul. If Iglesias Villanueva feels that a review of the play does not through up a clear refereeing error, he must accept the original decision, which is exactly what happened. 

Only if Iglesias Villanueva reviews the play and feels there's a clear error can the referee then review the case again himself and decide if he wants to overturn his original decision. But replays did not reveal a clear area, so Ricardo de Burgos's initial call was fine. 

A sign of the complex nature of this case, though, comes through the refereeing experts consulted by SPORT. There are some that feel the goal is valid because Suarez touched the ball befoe the goalkeeper. Others explain what we have detailed above. It's an action which VAR cannot intervene in because there's no clear error. 

But it wasn't just Camp Nou were VAR was right this weekend. There was also other moments this weekend. Real Valladolid's goal was correctly ruled out because a player was offside and interfering with the play in front of the Levante goalkeeper. VAR was also correctly used at Villarreal, were what would have been Athletic Bilbao's second goal of the game -- and probably a match-winner -- was ruled out. 




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