Victor Font interview: Barcelona need change now! The model is opaque

Font sat down with SPORT in the final week of campaigning as he targets top job at Camp Nou

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Victor Font's visit to SPORT coincided with the arrest of Josep Maria Bartomeu. He said the news was bad for Barcelona's image and prestige around the world. The presidential hopeful says he will introduce a new type of governance if he's elected on Sunday.

Do you sleep well?

Yes, very well.

There's nothing ruining your sleep?

Just jet lag! Although I should say I have methods and tactics to control it.

Have you dreamed of being sat in the presidential box at Camp Nou?

Yes, I have visualised that image because it's a dream I have had for a long time. I hope it will soon be a reality!

What have you most liked during the electoral campaign?

The good people that exist among Barcelonismo who for the love of the club are capable of making a project like ours their own and who help selflessly.

And the worst?

What I can't tolerate is lies, cynicism and twisting the truth to basically remove credibility. In this case, towards me.

Does the end justify the means?

For our candidacy, no. I have seen things in this electoral process that would make a book.

Will you write it?

I don't know, maybe. Everything I am seeing strengthens my belief that it's urgent to turn the page and for Barcelona to change from top to bottom. The club's current model is opaque, with a lot of dark interests at play.

It's owned by 145,000 socios...

Yes, but the top person in charge, the one that takes the helm, in the end feels like the owner and, what's worse, is they feel legitimised. The serious thing is that there are no effective, independent control mechanisms that can be audited transparently. And all that is reflected in the campaigning.

Has there been dirty tactics in the campaigning?

There always is because there are personal interests at play.

What's been manipulated in this campaign?

Many stigmas have been hung on us. That we have I don't know who behind us, denying the evidence, for example, of our sporting structure...

Do you admit to making mistakes?

Yes, two times, well, maybe more.

In what?

Firstly, in the comments I made about Koeman, which we quickly rectified after speaking with Xavi for just a few minutes. He told me that the sporting structure made sense with Koeman as coach.

What led to that error?

The desire to escape the short-termism and result-ism that surrounds the club. To put the project, the idea first and to not leave ourselves exposed to the name of one player or coach.

And the second mistake?

The only improvisation we made was the case with Jordi Majo.

Will you run again if you don't win this time?

I haven't thought about it because Barça need change now. The new focus has to be now.




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