Valverde to Ramos: No one can talk about what happens in the tunnel

The Barça coach responded to a claim Messi influenced the refereeing

Valverde fue tajante con las declaraciones de Sergio Ramos | Maite Jiménez

Juan Manuel Díaz

Ernesto Valverde gave a convincing response when asked about the claim Lionel Messi influenced referee Hernandez Hernandez during Sunday's Clasico. 

Real Madrid defender Sergio Ramos complained that Messi had put pressure on the official at halftime, which he feels led to decisions going in Barcelona's favour. 

Valverde maintained his usual prudence, but didn't avoid giving his opinion on the matter: "I don't have a lot to say on the issue. Here, there's always information coming out which has to be corroborated. 

“There are always these conversations between the players and the referees. I have seen many things from many teams in my experience, both on the pitch and in the tunnel. In that sense, no one is in a position to open their mouth. I can guarantee you that.” 

When he was asked about it again, he added: "I don't doubt the honesty of the referee in terms of officiating the game. The referees are ued to talking with the players." 



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