Valverde says he feels "responsible" for Barça's shock loss at Granada

The coach held his hands up as he lamented his side's form away from Camp Nou

Valverde devuelve un balón al campo en Granada
Valverde devuelve un balón al campo en Granada | Valentí Enrich

Ernesto Valverde's comments after Barcelona were stunned by Granada, losing 2-0 in La Liga on Saturday: 

Early goal: “An early goal makes things harder, but regardless of that, we're not good away from home, we're especially bad away from home."

Arturo Vidal handball: “It was an isolated incident. We had them pinned back, trying to create danger. But we wanted to push them back more. It was a little like in Pamplona, a little strange. We didn't play well." 

Villarreal: “We need some good feelings back in the next game.”

Feelings now: “I am worried. Away from home we're not getting good results. When this happens in a game, you're desperate for the next game, but now it's been two, three, four games (away), it's a symptom of us not playing very well. There are players that came back late for preseason, but we're not good on the road. We're not playing well. We're dominating, but we're not translating that into chances. And the opposition are being really effective. But it's no excuse." 

Weaknesses: “We're not good enough in the final third. You can play close to the rival's box but you have to do more. for many reasons, that's not happened. it happened in Dortmund and Pamplona as well." 

Self-critical: “It's about taking responsibility for what happens. The actors are the players, the ones that get it wrong or right on the pitch, but the coach is responsible and I feel responsible for what happened. You can win or you can lose a game, but when you lose you need to do so deserving to win and today that wasn't the case." 

Leakiest defence in La Liga: “We've conceded the most goals? It's not a good statistic for us. It's not in line with what we've done in recent years. The opposition are having a lot of success against us. But Dortmund made the most chances and they didn't score. It's because we're not playing well, especially away from home." 

Granada: “Credit to them. They were intense, they made us uncomfortable, they did damage at the start... Us not playing well is also to their credit." 


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