Those behind the 'no confidence' vote want Bartomeu to resign immediately

After amassing over 20,000 signatures, the movement believe Bartomeu should resign

Los promotores de la moción de censura, frente al Auditori 1899
Los promotores de la moción de censura, frente al Auditori 1899 | JAVI FERRÁNDIZ

Ivan San Antonio


The people behind the motion of 'no confidence' against Josep Maria Bartomeu presented a total of 20,731 signatures at the Camp Nou this evening. Jordi Farre and Marc Duch, the leader of Manifest Blaugrana, brought the signatures to the Auditori 1899.

Before they deposited the signatures, both men asked for the immediate resignation of Josep Maria Bartomeu. "It would have been nice if he had greeted us. If I was the president, I'd have done that because we represent the voices of 20,000 socios. I honestly believe he should resign today. I believe it's quite crushing the number of signatures we have to then go through a referendum, because it'll be an uncomfortable ending."

Marc Duch said something along the same lines too. "The only logical and legitimate reaction is to go vote but the moral reaction should have been (for him) to resign. The number of signatures is amazing during a pandemic and being unable to meet with other socios. We have nearly double the amount of signatures we had last time." He claimed there would be no problem with proving the validity of the signatures either.

"In 10 days the papers will be validated and then 30 days later there will be a referendum," admitted Farre. "I believe the referendum will take place on the 1st October."


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