The secrets of Giuliano Poser, the Italian nutritionist Lionel Messi visited on Thursday

Giuliano Poser, Lionel Messi's nutritionist, is one of the best at preventing injuries by using a mix of Bach flower remedies, emotional therapy and a balanced diet. 

Messi was in the Italian town Sacile on Thursday to visit Poser, a man who he has a lot of confidence in. 

The Argentine forward began seeing him at the beginning of the current season and is delighted with the results. 

Barça's No.10 was looking for solutions to the problem he had with vomiting and was also trying to prevent muscle injuries which had begun to hamper him. 

This season, though, he has not had any problems with either.

Poser has been a great help due to his methods, his knowledge of nutrition and his kinesiology-related treatments. 

A few years ago he explained to 'Corriere del Veneto' how he works. 

"Vegetables, seasonal fruits and a good mineral water are essential fuels for our muscles. You have to reduce the intake of processed foods or foods contaminated with pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics, medications..." he explained. 

"And, of course, alcohol, tobacco and foods that are not tolerated [...] Football players often pay the consequences for bad nutrition." 

According to Poser, his methods include "compound exercises and emotional therapies, with the help of psychotherapists and using Bach flower remedies." 

Also, he laments that "in all sports, especially football, anti-inflammatory drugs and analgesics have probably been abused for many years." 


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