The reasons Ferran Reverter is leaving FC Barcelona

The reasons Ferran Reverter is leaving FC Barcelona

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The CEO feels left out of the Spotify deal and thinks the club could get more money

The deal between Barcelona and Spotify as their new sponsor has been overshadowed by the news Ferran Torres is quitting as the club’s CEO.

Reverter, who arrived at Barcelona famous for managing in different multinational companies, has been key to Barcelona’s economic turnaround in recent months. However, he leaves as CEO before reaching a year of Joan Laporta’s presidency.

His resignation has been on the table for around a week, although only Laporta and those closest to him knew about it. The CEO feels like he has been sidelined in the negotiations with Spotify, and he is not sure about the deal in various ways.

It’s an issue over the naming rights of Camp Nou. Reverter believes the money that Barcelona need for sponsoring Espai Barca should be higher once the works are finished and the operations are underway, he thinks the club should be free at the end of the contract to negotiate with new candidates.

He also thinks it’s an error to sell so many rights in the same pack, including stadium name and shirt sponsorship. He thinks more money could be obtained selling separately.

Spotify wanted everything included together for the next three years. The end of the story happened this week; Reverter was in Miami trying to seal a deal financing Espai Barcleona, while Spotify’s directors were at Barcelona, finalising details there.

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