The reason Luis Suarez keeps wearing a wrist-guard

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Uruguayan star Luis Suarez spoke to Onda Cero about various topics, including some of the traditions he has, incuding the wrist-guard he sometimes wears. 

"I had an injury a couple of years ago at Liverpool," he explained. "I fucked a bone in my right hand, a fissure, and they put on a bandage.

"Afterwards I was fine, the finger was OK, but I kept it. I also wore a red ribbon and as in the Premier League they don't let you play with anything, I took advantage of the bandage to cover the red ribbon, and now it's a tradition. I even played with long sleeve shirts and kept wearing it. 

"I have my crazy things. Each time I come on the pitch I kiss the tattoo of my daughter and my wife. We players are very superstitious."


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