The day that Endrick met and became a big fan of Rivaldo


The day that Endrick met and became a big fan of Rivaldo

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The Brazilian wonderkid was recovering from injury when who appeared but the Barcelona legend?

Endrick is a big fan of ‘Rivo’, a footballer who left a mark on Palmeiras, where he succeeded in one of their best ever sides, before coming to Europe with Depor and then Barcelona. The curious thing is that Endrick had the chance to meet Rivaldo and they were speaking.

In December 2017 Endrick was recovering from injury at the Palmeiras training ground, and by chance, Rivaldo was visiting his former club with former president Mauricio Galliotte. 

The ex-Barcelona player was featuring in a game to say goodbye to Ze Roberto, at the Allianz Parque. He said hello to everyone and found Endrick recovering a bed. Endrick was stunned when Rivaldo came to talk to him for a few minutes.

The press department of Palmeiras immortalised the encounter with a photo that each day becomes more interesting, as Endrick, 15, continues to evolve and is starting to become more known globally.

The encounter had a big impact on the kid. “Rivaldo came to talk to me and it was amazing,” Endrick told SPORT. “It was very important because from then I started to watch his videos on YouTube to see how he played and what he did. I realised he was an incredible footballer and from then, he was an inspiration for me for everything he did in his career, mainly at Palmeiras where everyone loved him.

“Rivaldo is one of my idols. My father, who is a big fan, as well as people at the club have explained to me that he was always an example of professionalism and honesty, which made me more determined to follow him.”

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