The day Barcelona chose not to sign Kylian Mbappe

The day Barcelona chose not to sign Kylian Mbappe

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They went for Ousmane Dembele instead and look now

Kylian Mbappe is going to mark an era in football. The PSG forward shone at Camp Nou with a hat-trick that virtually knocked out Barcelona. He might have played for the club, though, if they made a different call in 2017.

Junior Minguella, the son of Josep Maria Minguella, told Cadena COPE how Mbappe was an option for Barca.

“I can confirm it,” he said. “More now than ever because a director confirmed it and gave his version of the story, it’s totally true. My father knew that Neymar had an agreement with PSG and was going there. The directors didn’t know or didn’t believe it. They didn’t want to take nay moves before he left. Then at the moment Neymar left, the staff and president had doubts over who to sign, and they thought Dembele fitted the team better than Mbappe.

Some even said Mbappe was a ghost, who hadn’t achieved anything. We had a deal for 130m euros plus 25m in incentives, Mbappe would get 10-16m euros net.”

That summer they ended up going for Ousmane instead. And today, Mbappe is the most promising player in the world and one of the best already. Now he is more likely to sign for Real Madrid than Barcelona. The Catalans are unable to afford him.