The danger of Barca's Marc-Andre ter Stegen leaving is real

Barcelona goalkeeping plans generate debate. Two great goalkeepers made to share the competitions between them. While Claudio Bravo seems more of a first-choice, chosen in La Liga, Ter Stegen feels like his train is leaving the station without him. The German is happy in a team where he's had the chance to win titles, but he wants more. He has received three offers in recent weeks, two from the Premier League, to be a first choice starter at top level teams. Ter Stegen is unsure what to do, because to leave he would have to demand to go publicly and to walk away from Barcelona would hurt him. At the club they are clear - they will not sell him. Key weeks are coming up where Barcelona's goal is concerned.

The offers from England - said to be from Manchester City and Liverpool - are high. They are offering to double his salary. They are numbers that go over 20 million euros for the transfer fee. The goalkeeper is thinking carefully about this. But to leave, he would have to demand to do so. His agent has spoken several times with Barcelona. Ter Stegen thought this might be his year, but Lucho opted just to play him in the cups again.

Barcelona are unwilling to sell him for any less than the 80 million euro release clause in his contract. The coaches believe he has everything needed to be Barcelona's goalkeeper for the next decade, and he won't be easy to replace. They hope he will understand his situation and see the future is bright for him. But at the moment, Bravo has the full confidence of Claudio Bravo, and because he is a veteran and speaks the language, has more weight in the squad.

Ter Stegen signed for Barcelona thinking he would be first choice, but ended up accepting his cup roles because of his youth. Now he thinks his adaption has finished and his moment has arrived. The choice is whether to stay and fight for minutes in the best team i nthe world or start for a Premier League work in progress. In January he felt left out, not picked for the Club World Cup, but towards the end of the season he is more important again, as the Champions League and Copa del Rey reach their ends. He will focus on the football until the end of the season and then, before Euro 2016, he will decide. But the danger he may leave is real. Now, yes.


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