The 10 standout phrases from Laporta's interview with Barça TV

The 10 standout phrases from Laporta's interview with Barça TV

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The Barcelona president spoke to the club's in-house media to mark one year in charge

Joan Laporta was elected as Barcelona president for a second time on March 7, 2021. A year has passed since and he's looked back on the highs and lows in an interview with Barça TV.

Dodging no topics, here are the 10 standout phrases from the interview:

One year in charge

"It's been intense, with thrilling moments, stressful moments... It's been a year full of anxiety and a desire for things to go well."

What stays with him?

"What Xavi has done: change the team's and the players' mentality and recover the essence of our football. Also the fact that supporters have hope again. I am convinced Xavi will be coach for many years and bring a lot of happiness."

Adios Messi

"It was the saddest decision I've taken, I never wanted to have to make it, but I don't regret it, either. I put the institution ahead of everything else. The club comes before managers and even the best player in the history of the game. It was the (financial) situation we inherited. For as much will as there was (to renew Messi), the reality was that we couldn't."

Renewing Gavi & Araujo

"The players have a lot to say. If a player wants to stay, they will stay. They know they will have a good career here and that they will be valued in terms of a good contract. I hope to reach an agreement with them both, but Barça come first."

Clasico on March 20

"We're looking forward to it. Both teams are doing well and if we keep winning games, we will have a chance. If we want to win LaLiga, we have to win at the Bernabeu."

Russia's invasion of Ukraine

"We are following it with anguish and concern for the people who are having a bad time... It's senseless. We are concerned and indignant. We have to find a way out, it depends on Russia, NATO, Ukraine... We are hopeful. We try and help with an agreement we have with the Red Cross, especially with the refugees who arrive in Barcelona."

Espai Barça

"In June we should have the OK from the cancel and the companies can bid for the construction in July. In 2025, we should have the new stadium ready. If we play away from Camp Nou for a year, Montjuic would be the most logical option."

Women's football

"In addition to the success, I highlight how they are. Sometimes, with success, people change, but they remain genuine, natural... They are still the same even though they have been recognised individually. It is one of those teams that make you proud to be Barça. The most difficult thing is to remain successful, but they are achieving it."

The model

"Barça is owned by the fans and it must stay that way. We have to keep it that way fr our own interests. Barça must be owned by the members, the socios and socias."

Super League

"What is being done now are legal actions to make it viable and legal, although there is litigation. There is no resolution yet. These actions are proving us right. We have to be prepared for when there is a decision. We are here to fight against the state-owned because we have come across very harsh regulations that they don't follow."



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