Suarez tells SPORT: You have to take what Pique says with a pinch of salt

The Uruguayan said the players had nothing to do with attempts to bring Neymar back to Barcelona

Suárez: ¿Financiar el fichaje de Neymar? Los jugadores siempre estuvimos ajenos al caso | Maite Jiménez

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Jordi Gil


In his interview with SPORT, Luis Suarez commented on Gerard Pique's recent revelation that the Barcelona players were ready to help finance Neymar's return to the club. 

"Sometimes you have to take what Geri says with a pinch of salt," Suarez said. "He has the gift of the gab and a lot of experience in making comments. In this case, he knows and is completely aware that the players were completely removed from the Ney case. We were ready to welcome him -- him or any other player that wants to come -- but always distanced from what was going on."

Griezmann's RECEPTION:

"[His reception] has been spectacular. Sometimes things are poorly interpreted. Both Leo (Messi) and I, as well as Geri, welcomed him last year, saying that he was a great player and one of the best in the world. He then became world champion and we lauded him for the class of player he is. After that, we didn't know what would happen with him, we weren't certain that he would come this year. 

"We treat him like anyone else. It's also true some teammates have more of an affinity with others, in his case he gets on really well with the other French players. With us, sometimes we have a mate, that doesn't mean you get on better or worse. He gets on really well with everyone and is well integrated, as we expected him to be."


"Maybe we will live in Barcelona, the family is really happy here. We love it here." 


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