Suarez press conference: Granada, the title, maletines and the Pichichi

Top scoring: Messi’s gestures [sharing penalties] are appreciated. Without talking about it, I realise that recently I’ve been looked for more. It’s the sign of the companionship that there is. But to be Pichichi, if we are not champions, means nothing.

Third-party payments: It’s not up to me to decide if they should be legal. Each club already offers bonuses to their own players. I had never heard talk of [third-party] payments. I don’t believe in third-party payments, I only believe in the pride of the Granada players to want to win. All teams go out to win all of their games, but not for money. 

Personal form: I don’t know if I am in my best form. I hope I can keep helping the team with goals and assists. The important thing is that if we win La Liga, the goals have contributed to that. 

Big game: Pressure always exists. We are obliged to win. We depend on ourselves. Mentally we have to be very strong. We have 93 or 94 minutes to win the game. We will have to suffer at times, but that is normal. Even more so being the away side. What I want is that we win the league. 

April dip: We can’t find an explanation for losing none in 39 and then four in five. We have been more united that ever and we have demonstrated that we are still alive. 

Continuity: To play every game is something a player appreciates, because it allows you to get a lot of rhythm. 

Future: You never know what will happen, but I would love to retire here. It’s difficult to speak about the future. 

Pichichi: Before Messi and Ronaldo, the last Pichichi here was Forlan, who is also Uruguayan. That gives merit to the Uruguayans. 

MSN: Leo and Ney have been great team-mates and have had a great attitude with me. No-one thinks they are better than the other. 

Long grass? Last year it worked against Granada more than us… 

English football: It surprised me that the English teams haven’t gone far in the Champions League. You have to have some kind of break and in England they don’t stop. Here there is a break and it’s appreciated by the players. Physically you can see they’re affected [in England]. 

Madrid and the Champions League: We have to draw out own conclusions about the good things we do. If later Madrid win the Champions League, that’s their thing. 

Messi not winning Pichichi: Leo will be happier to win La Liga than to win the top scorer award. 

Copa America: Uruguay always have chances to win the title [Copa America], but it will be difficult this summer. 

Ballon d’Or snub: I don’t remember or think about not having been in the nominees for the Ballon d’Or. I am not a resentful person, and the respect they don’t have for me, I have for myself. 


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