Setien: Griezmann? It's a decision I must accept responsibility for

The Frenchman has been a substitute in three of Barça's last four games

Griezmann, al final del partido ante el Atlético
Griezmann, al final del partido ante el Atlético | sport

One of the big issues at Barcelona in recent weeks has been the role of Antoine Griezmann. The Frenchman's been benched in three of the last four games and against Atletico Madrid was only introduced in stoppage time. 

Lluís Miguelsanz

Lluís Miguelsanz

"He's good," Barça coach Quique Setien said of Griezmann. "I exchanged some words with him. Antoine is a great professional, he's a player that understands the situation.

"He's an extraordinary guy who is tremendously professional. It's not going to affect him when he plays again. He's very positive and we can count on him 100 percent when he's back out on the pitch."  

The Barça coach made the player's role in the squad clear but said that he has to make tough decisions -- and that he accepts responsibility for them. 

"I have spoken about hierarchies but I don't think I have ever spoken about untouchables," he said. "Griezmann is a great player who is very important for the club and for the team.

"When he's played, you ask me about Ansu. When Ansu plays, it's the reverse. Not all players can play. I would love to give them all minutes but I have to ask which each player can add to the team at certain moments. I always weigh up my decisions, I don't make them on a whim.

"I have the hierarchy and the importance of certain players in mind, but at a team like Barca, where there are so many great players, not everyone can play.

"It happens at all teams and it's normal players are angry because they always want to play. They're decisions that I must take responsibility for." 


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