Sergio Busquets, the odd one out in the dressing room

Sergio Busquets is one of the only players who does not use social media

Sergio Busquets habla más dentro del campo que fuera de él
Sergio Busquets habla más dentro del campo que fuera de él | AFP

Ivan San Antonio

Sergio Busquets is from the old school, one of the types who prefers to make calls instead of sending messages on whatsapp. He enjoys the company of friends, leaving his mobile silenced in his pocket because he doesn't need anything other than those beside him, and later he can talk to others who are further away.

The midfielder is a boy from the neighbourhood who, taking into account how things are today, is the odd one out in the dressing room. The only Barcelona player who doesn't have a profile on any social network. No Twitter, no Facebook, no Instagram. No nothing. Not only do they not interest him, but he's criticial of the uses these tools have.

It's a personal decision which removes commercial influence from him and penalises him economically, but it's his philosophy of life. He thinsks it gives him more than it takes away from him. "If it was up to me, I'd get rid of Twitter to stop the fake profiles and people saying and doing what they want," he told El Larguero on Cadena Ser. Abstaining from social media is something that makes him similar to one of his best friends in the football world, Xavi Hernandez.



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