Sergi Guardiola denies ever writing anti-Catalonia tweets

Sergi Guardiola, the player whose signing has been cancelled by Barcelona after he insulted Barça and Catalonia, has given his version of events on El Chiringuito on Spanish channel Mega. 

Guardiola expressed that he wanted to “apologise to Barca and to Catalonia” and recognised that he had “made a mistake.”

However, he also wanted to make clear that he “didn’t write those tweets.” 

“It is a mis-understanding. It was in 2013 and I didn’t even know they existed,” he added. 

“It was put on my profile, but it wasn’t me. I ask for forgiveness a thousand times - I have learnt a difficult lesson.”

Sergi said that he feels really bad - as do his family - but he said he “understands Barça’s decision.” 

He continued: “If I had been in Barça’s position, I would have done the same.”

Finally, the 24-year-old, who was a Barça B player for just a few hours, thanked Josep Pedrerol for allowing him on the show to explain. 

“I appreciate you giving me the chance to express myself,” he finished. “I’m really sorry.” 


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