PSG have become irritated by Barça's tactics over a deal for Neymar

The French giants expected greater movement from Barcelona but the silence is all part of Bartomeu's plan

Neymar y Nasser en el día de la presentación
Neymar y Nasser en el día de la presentación | sport

Josep Maria Bartomeu's tactic to sign Neymar is making PSG feel anxious. It's been a few days since Barça spoke with the French club and this has caused greater tension to build up between the player and PSG, more so after the Brazilian failed to turn up for preseason training.

PSG expected Barça to call to discuss the terms of a deal for Neymar. However, it's been a few days without any contact as Barça feel the best option would be for Neymar and PSG to lower their demands. That will only happen if they continue to clash over preseason plans and question marks continue to be raised over the Brazilian's commitment to the club.

Neymar didn't turn up to preseason training on time and PSG have launched an internal investigation because of that. Neymar's father confirmed they wouldn't return until the 15th of July. Leonardo, PSG's director of football, said they'd held minor talks with Barça but no offer was made. The president has insisted this is the best route to take as he hopes to cause more tension between Neymar and his current club.

The idea behind this is should the relationship continue to sour, PSG will reduce their asking price. Barça have no intention of parting with a large sum of money and would instead prefer to include players to keep the price acceptable. They also want PSG to make more of an effort to agree on personal terms with the players available to them, as so far that's only the case for Philippe Coutinho.

Barça's take on proceedings is: "It's their problem." This is because PSG have an unhappy player but are demanding far too much money. Barça remain patient because they believe Neymar only wants to play at the Camp Nou.

PSG are desperate for Barça to make an offer but that isn't going to happen any time soon. It's a game of risk but the club feels everything is in their favour and their patience will eventually be rewarded by the asking price being dropped.


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