PSG are alert to Luis Suarez option

PSG are alert to Luis Suarez option

Suárez fue el único goleador azulgrana de la noche, aunque no sirvió de nada / | MEDIAPRO

The Barca forward will be allowed to walk away for free and the Parisians may pounce

Ronald Koeman doesn't want Luis Suarez at Barcelona next season and the Uruguayan's name has started to be linked to other sides. It's an atypical opportunity to sign a top striker at zero transfer cost and one of the clubs alert to the opportunity is PSG.

The Champions League runners-up looked into his arrival two years ago at Neymar's request. He thinks Luis is ideal to play beside him. It's an idea reinforced by the final against Bayern when PSG lacked firepower. The actual No 9, Icardi, stayed on the bench in the game.

PSG are waiting to see if Suarez is released by Barca as expected. So far they have not spoken to Suarez, unlike other sides in the Premier League and Serie A. Where he won't go is Ajax, his former side. He is loved there but doesn't want to go back there, even though Marc Overmars called to see if he would come.

MLS and far East clubs have got in touch too. He won't take a decision until his lawyers and Barca are finished hashing out an exit deal.

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