How Ronald Koeman's call to Luis Suarez went

How Ronald Koeman's call to Luis Suarez went

Suárez fue el único goleador azulgrana de la noche, aunque no sirvió de nada / | MEDIAPRO

It lasted a minute and the coach said Suarez was not needed for next season

Ronald Koeman’s call to Luis Suarez happened on Monday and the result was that the player understood that he was out after less than a minute’s conversation.

Koeman told him he was not in his plans for next season. The Uruguayan had no other option than to accept the decision of the coach and said that he would not be a problem for the club. Luis did not ask for more explanations, nor did the coach think it necessary to give them.

Now it’s up to the lawyers to come up with an agreement for when they part ways - Luis has a year left on his contract with another additional year. Barca would have to give him the money on his deal unless they can find an agreement and he walks away for free to another club.

Suarez didn’t want to kick up a stink and hurt Barca. However he is not happy about how his exit has been managed. He feels like he’s been singled out for what’s happened and it could damage the image of a player who is a Barcelona legend.

He’s the third top goalscorer in the history of the club and expected better treatment. Neither Bartomeu nor anyone else spoke to him after he was reported to be on the way out, not even making contact with a player who had left his mark in six seasons with the side.

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