Problems with Ronald Koeman's pay off after sacking?

Problems with Ronald Koeman's pay off after sacking?

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Barcelona hoped he would take a reduced fee but that's not the case

Joan Laporta and his board decided to sack Ronald Koeman last week. They have to pay him 12m euros as a pay off. Lluis Canut, a journalist close to Koeman, told Catalunya Radio that the coach won’t forgive the club any of his money. “He wants to take up to the final cent of it.”

Canut explained a little more about the pay-off.

“It’s 12 millions but I want to clear up that in this, there’s nothing to do with the money paid to the Dutch federation (to sign him), that was five million euros that Barcelona paid straight away.

“I don’t know if in these 12 it includes what has to be paid for his technical team or it’s just him, taking into account that he delayed 45 per cent of his salary last season because of the pandemic.”

CEO Ferran Reverter had asked Koeman to take a pay cut. “In the first conversations they had they asked him to take a cut of around 7 or 8 million, far from the 12 they have to pay him.”

Koeman will not let them ff the hook. “It’s a contract signed by both sides, not by the current board but it’s a recognised contract and it’s not about letting them off, it has to be paid.”

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