Pique: When Messi leaves it'll feel like we've been stripped naked

Gerard Pique spoke about various things in an interview with TV3 on Thursday night, where he opened up in a conversation with the journalist Jordi Baste. 


The Barcelona defender is very clear that Lionel Messi is the absolute No.1 and this was how he articulated it: "Messi will leave the biggest mark on football; when he's gone, we'll look back and see he's been so incredibly unique, such a difference maker. I haven't experience it personally, but I imagine the day he leaves it will be like losing a parent and having to fly solo without them. 

"No team in sport has always one. So there will be a day when we stop winning and things will then have to be managed to ensure a new winning era. That is how great teams are built. It will be a blow when Leo leaves, but there will come a day when he retires or leaves and on that day it will feel like we've been stripped naked. 

"There will not be another Messi, we don't expect that. Just like there won't be another generation like Puyol, Xavi, Andres, Pedro, Busi, me... we shouldn't expect that, although I hope it does happen again, of course."

Changing the subject, the Spanish international also spoke about Cristiano Ronaldo, who he played with at Manchester United. "I had a really good relationship with Cristiano, I was one of the three of four who got on best with him. He's always been the same. Since I've known him he's been a born competitor, a machine and his body is better all the time. He's ambitious like no-one else, one of the best players in the history of football." 

Finally, he praised Neymar's quality, saying "he will be a great player."



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