Pique: After everything that has happened it's the least I could do!

The defender spoke after netting the equaliser

He was clear on the issue of respect

Piqué marcó el gol del empate | GOL

Juan Manuel Díaz

Gerard Pique spoke in the mixed zone after scoring the equaliser as Barcelona drew 1-1 against Espanyol. He celebrated the goal by telling the home supporters to be quiet and he feels it was the logical reaction to the insults his family have received from the fans in the past. 

When asked about the celebration, he said: "A lack of respect? A lack of respect is reporting me for saying they are from Cornella, which is a fact, and not reporting their own fans' insults [towards my family]." 

On the Cornella issue, he continued: “They are from Cornella, like I said the other day. I know it hurt them and I used sarcasm to annoy them. But saying they play in Cornella is not disrespectful, it’s a fact. 

"“Some of the fans here have been directing insults at me and my family for a long time. I was telling them in general to be quiet, but maybe I shouldn’t have. I know a lot of good Espanyol fans. Maybe it should have been directed at the club or its owners for not reporting certain things.

“They complain about that and report me, but they don’t investigate insults towards my family. That is disrespectful. Telling them to be quiet was the least I could do.”

On the point, which came in pouring rain, Pique was happy enough considering the conditions. 

He added: "We just need to focus on competing and winning La Liga. In the second half it was impossible to play football. You couldn’t generate anything. It’s a good draw in the end and we are still unbeaten in the league." 




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