Philippe Coutinho hits rock bottom, ready to leave Europe

Philippe Coutinho hits rock bottom, ready to leave Europe


The Brazilian may end up going back to his native country

At just 30 years of age, an age at which he should be in his full footballing maturity, Philippe Coutinho has run out of room. The Brazilian, in free fall since signing for Barça back in January 2018, was looking to relaunch his career in the Premier League. There is where he lived his best years and where he made it possible for Barca to pay almost 150 million euros for him. He remains the Catalan club's most expensive signing.

Under the guidance of his former teammate Steven Gerrard, Philippe sought 'shelter' in Birmingham. After a few months on loan last season in which he seemed to have recovered (somewhat) his hope and confidence, the Reds legend decided to bet again on Sou in the summer for Aston Villa.

Barça were happy to finally get rid of the player and receive a compensation of 20 million. The 'ruin' of the cost-performance ratio did not pay off at all, but as bad as it all looked then, both parties were more or less satisfied.

He started the current campaign as the main protagonist. Gerrard was aware that the gamble was on him and hoped that the Carioca would step up to the plate. But it never came. Phil was going through several games with very little impact. And his status was dipping at the same time as that of his coach, who ended up leaving in mid-October.

Without Gerrard, Coutinho suffered a string of injuries that made his path even more difficult. The former Liverpool, Inter and Espanyol player disappeared from the map. He has already missed 11 games so far in 2023, a year in which he has barely accumulated one start and one goal. Very low numbers and a coach, Unai Emery, who has found what the team need without him. For the Basque coach, 'Cou' is little more than an extra.

If nothing changes, the Brazilian will return to his country next season. Corinthians had been interested in him. A return to his origins to try to find himself again.

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