Pedri on Lionel Messi's possible return to Barça: 'I would like it...'

Pedri on Lionel Messi's possible return to Barça: 'I would like it...'

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The Barça midfielder would like to see the Argentine return to the club

Pedri appeared on 'El Hormiguero' on Tuesday. The FC Barcelona player from the Canary Islands was interviewed on the Antena 3 show and reviewed the current sporting news and also told some details of his personal life.

One of the topics discussed in the interview on the channel was the possible return of Leo Messi to Barcelona and Pedri was clear in expressing his desire for the Argentinian star to come back.

"I would like it, although it depends on Barcelona and Leo. For me, I hope he comes back", said the midfielder.

The player's wish is clear, he would like to share a dressing room with Messi again. 

The midfielder also explained one of his first encounters with Messi when he trained with the first team: "The first day, they were playing the Champions League in Lisbon and there were not many people in. The second day, when everyone came -- Messi, Alba, Busi... That day I was shitting myself."

A present for Pablo Motos

The Canary Islander had a gift for the presenter of the show, Pablo Motos. He gave him the boots with which he won the league title with Barcelona and which are made of recycled plastic material. It should be remembered that Pedri collaborates with some NGOs and one of them is one that fights against the abusive use of plastics.

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