Ousmane Dembele's private life is once again the subject of major criticism

The player's former chef, Mickael Naya, claims Dembele doesn't live as a professional athlete should

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Ousmane Dembele is facing yet more criticism. After suffering his seventh injury in two years, spending 250 days away from the group due to those absences, his personal choices away from the football pitch is causing concern.

The latest to join the list of people far from happy with Dembele is his former chef, Mickael Naya, who spoke to 'Le Parisen. Their agreement was terminated in December 2018. Naya was responsible for preparing the winger's meals from August to December of last year but he was sacked by Dembele's agent, just as the previous three chefs have been. "Ousmane and his entourage know they'll be criticised whatever they do. So this falls on them. They're rich and they don't care."

"Ousmane is a good guy but he doesn't have control of his life," confessed Naya. "He lives with his uncle and his best friend, who don't dare say anything to him. It's a crazy life. I've never seen him drink alcohol but he doesn't respect his rest times, there's no professional structure around him. I tried to organise the meals for the upcoming matches, in his recovery time and it was going well. But to start, when he's with his friends, Ousmane is completely different. He's curious, open and polite."




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