Neymar tells Barcelona 'yes, yes and yes' to summer switch from PSG

Neymar tells Barcelona 'yes, yes and yes' to summer switch from PSG

Joaquim Piera te trae la última información sobre el fichaje de Neymar por el Barça / | @joaquimpiera

The Brazilian remains keen to leave Paris for Barcelona this sumemr

Yes, yes and a very clear yes to Barcelona. SPORT have confirmed that Neymar's people have communicated to the Catalan club that the Brazilian still wants to return to Camp Nou this summer. 

What's more, he has said he is ready to take the necessary measures to force a move away from Paris Saint-Germain, where he's been kept against his will via an order from Doha. 

Neymar's firm on his desire to return to Barça and is prepared to do what it takes as negotiations kick off again, with maximum tension expected. 

Just as he did a year ago, he will play his part to put pressure on PSG's owners, Qatar Sports Investments, in the hope of helping an agreement be reached between the two clubs. 

Neymar's having a great season at PSG and has helped them into the Champions League last eight. If the competition resumes, he will do his talking on the pitch, but off it he's thinking of leaving Paris. 

He wants Barça and Barça want him. They have shared interested. A more mature Neymar, he turned 28 in February, is ready to give the best years of his career alongside Lionel Messi, to return to the scene of the 2015 treble. 

Last Christmas, he was reunited with the old trident -- Neymar, Messi and Luis Suarez -- at a ceremony in Uruguay where Suarez renewed his wedding vows. 

On the pitch, Barça have a huge need for a player with Ney's qualities, someone who will breathe life into the team and add pace, skill and the ability to beat a man and change a game. 

With Neymar on board, the next step is to break down the PSG wall. This time, in contrast to last summer, the Brazilian and Barcelona have an additional bullet: the possibility of exploiting article 17 of FIFA's transfer regulations. Article 17 states that players' contracts are only protected for three years. Therefore, Ney could cancel his contract and FIFA or CAS would determine the fee to be paid. Barça believe it would be around 18 million euros. 

Fifteen days after PSG's last official game this season, he must inform them of his desire to invoke article 17 if that is the route Barça and the player take. 

We revealed on Friday that president Josep Maria Bartomeu has been in contact with Belgian lawyer Wouter Lambrecht to analyse all possible scenarios and the possibility of turning to article 17. 

Lambrecht has advised Barça since 2017 and is considered a specialist in matters related to FIFA, UEFA and the ECA. 

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