Neymar waiting to see how talks go between Barça & PSG

Coutinho is the key to the Brazilian returning to Camp Nou this summer

Neymar vuelve a entrenar en la cancha y se reintegra al grupo | EFE

Philippe Coutinho's potential move to Paris Saint-Germain could be used by Barcelona in a bid to bring Neymar back to Camp Nou, which would please the dressing room, who last won the Champions League with the Brazilian in 2015. 

Joaquim Piera


The sale of Coutinho and the return of Neymar this summer are parallel operations, given both clubs need help financially to do the deals. The departure of Coutinho (much more likely) opens up a dialogue between the two clubs, who don't have a great relationship. 

When Barça tell Coutinho and his agents that he is on the market (which they still haven't done), the option to move to PSG will become more tangible. And that's where Neymar comes into it.  

Without having the chance to sign Coutinho, it's tough to imagine PSG sitting down to negotiate with Barcelona about Neymar, given they refused to do so, for example, with Marco Verratti. 

So far, all the actors are taking their positions. Coutinho's agents are weighing up their options waiting for movement from Barça, which could happen next week. 

PSG have not made their position clear. In fact, Coutinho's name has not appeared in the French press, while De Ligt's name has, another player also wanted by Barça. The French club want to strengthen after another failed season in the Champions League. 


Meanwhile, Barça's players have translated to president Josep Maria Bartomeu that they would like Neymar back, something which has never happened until now. 

The message has been given. And now the club must analyse and look at ways to do a deal which, right now, is almost impossible. 

As SPORT revealed previously, Neymar's trying to improve his relationship with Bartomeu and the club's hierarchy. Things went sour after he left for PSG, with a lawsuit ongoing between the two parties regarding a signing bonus for the contract the Brazilian signed before leaving. 

Making peace with the Neymars (Jr and Sr) is the first step the board must take. 

They also have to see how to fit him into the club's wage structure. He's one of the highest paid players in the game. Breaking down barriers with PSG is also an issue still. 

What Coutinho's agents can do, indirectly, is create a space which favours Barça's interests. 


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