The millions that Barcelona will lose for not making it through in Champions League

The millions that Barcelona will lose for not making it through in Champions League

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The Catalans are likely to lose money they thought they would earn

Elimination in the UCL group stage, except for a miracle, will mean a new economic blow for FC Barcelona. In the budget for this season, approved at the assembly of delegates last weekend, the Barça club contemplated reaching not only the round of 16 but also the quarter-finals of the continental competition. That means that they could end up with 20 million euros less than they expected.

In the group stage, so far, Barça has earned almost 19 million euros: 15.6 million for being in the group stage, 2.8 million for the win against Viktoria Plzen and 930,000 for the draw against Inter. If they win the two remaining games, they will be able to earn 5.6 million more.

The clubs which have qualified for the knockout stages of the Champions League will receive from UEFA a fixed amount of 9.6 million euros and, in the case of reaching the quarter-finals, 10.6 million. Barça expected to get there this season, at least, and only taking into account the fixed amounts, 20.2 million euros in the Champions League will be lost. Plus, other income from coefficient and the television rights.

Reaching the semis would be worth 12.5 million and, if they reached the final, 15.5 million more. The Champions League winner can receive up to an additional 4.5 million. Real Madrid, in this case, received around 52.7 million euros for winning the European Cup last season only considering the fixed amounts, a figure that rose to almost 75 million considering other related income.