Messi's Argentina future 'depends on how the World Cup goes'

The Barcelona forward sat down to speak with SPORT this week

All eye are on Lionel Messi in Russia this summer. He's lost three finals in a row with Argentina. Can he finally win the World Cup with them? 

Before flying to the finals on Saturday, he spoke exclusively to SPORT in his final pre-World Cup interview... 

Pique's your age and will leave international football after the World Cup. Could you do the same?

I don't know. It will depend how we do, how it ends. The fact we've lost three finals now has led to some complicated moments with the press and with the Argentine press due to the differences in seeing what it means to reach a final. It is not easy and [reaching three finals] has to be appreciated. It's true that winning them is important, but getting there is not easy.

If you win it, how will you feel? What will be your next motivation? 

It will be the same as before this tournament in Russia. I have won a lot with my club and the following year the motivation is always the same, the idea always to win again. With the World Cup, it would be the same. I will not change anything. 

Who do you most fear? 

There are various teams going in to the tournament with confidence, playing well and with good individuals, as is the case with Brazil, Germany, Spain, France and Belgium, although the latter is not mentioned as much. [Argentina] have good players and the experience of the last World Cup. It will be an even competition. 

If you could, whay rival player would you nationalise? 

There are a lot of very good players but we also have quality players that any national team would want. We don't envy anyone. 



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