Luis Suarez: I cried because of everything I was going through

"They didn't do things well and that annoyed Lionel Messi as well"

Luis Suárez llega a Uruguay con mucha ilusión por los partidos de eliminatorias | EFE

Luis Suarez spoke after scoring a penalty in Uruguay's 2-1 win against Chile as South American qualifying for the 2022 World Cup kicked off on Thursday. 

The Atletico Madrid striker spoke about his departure from Barcelona last month and voiced his unease about how it was carried out. 

"I spent six years in Barcelona and there were other ways to speak with me and tell me they'd planned changes," he said. "They didn't do things well and that annoyed Lionel Messi as well. He knows that we suffered and how hard it was for us at that moment. 

"I was not surprised he supported me publicly because I know him well. I knew the pain he felt. The way they did it, the feeling you're being kicked out is what hurt most." 

Suarez admitted that the week he swapped Barça for Atletico was the most intense on an emotional level. 

He added: "Those days, Thursday to Sunday, until my debut with Atletico, were really complicated. I cried about everything I was going through. I didn't take the club message well because of how they did it, more than anything, because you have to accept when a cycle ends." 

In addition, he said he was sad to be forced to train away from his teammates: "There are things not known, but training and being sent off on your own because you're not involved in the 11v11 game..." 



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