Luis Enrique turns down Pedro - he only wants Nolito

Luis Enrique wants Nolito, Nolito and Nolito. Second options have failed to convince. He considers the Celta Vigo as the perfect player to adapt to the needs of the team on and off the pitch. 

He could provide an alternative to Neymar, the only member of the squad who Luis Enrique considers has no substitute. Denis Suarez could also fill this role, but he’s seen more as a midfielder. 

Various players have been offered to the Barça boss, such as Jonathan Soriano, who he coached at Barça. However, none have been met with approval. 

Another is Pedro, who would be available to return to Camp Nou on loan until the end of the season. For several weeks now the Canary Islander has been regretting his move to Chelsea. 

Luis Enrique has ruled that out, though. He doesn’t want Soriano because he’s purely a central forward; he doesn’t want Pedro because he considers him part of the past. 

The only other option he will look into his Denis Suarez. In the coming days and weeks, Barça will try to satisfy their coach’s desire for Nolito. 


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