Luis Enrique: I've never wasted time looking for leaks or moles

Luis Enrique is not a fan of giving explanations in public over how he and his team operate at FC Barcelona, so it was a surprise when he gave a long and proper answer to a question about the ‘witch hunt’ it was reported he started this week, after some of his tactical analysis for the Borussia Monchengladbach Champions League game was leaked.

Esther Blasco

The coach was asked about it and instead of brushing away the question like usual, actually answered. 

He said: “I think this all comes from a situation that came from a game in Germany where some tactical information came out in the media, it was just an accident, nothing else. 

“In 15 years as a player, eight as a coach, I've never lost confidence in people, I've never lost energy, it's something which happens inside teams. These things happen, but I never waste time with these things, they happen, I can't control them, it's not one of my objectives as a coach, so if you look at what some media do, I won't argue with that, people who know me know what's important and people can opine on whatever they wish.”


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