Lionel Messi's tattoo artist's incredible threat to his clients

In his parlour Lopez posted up a notice which clients should heed

He is one of the 260 invitees to the wedding between Messi and Antonella

Messi, junto a su tatuador
Messi, junto a su tatuador | sport

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Lionel Messi's tattoo artist, Roberto Lopez, has put an incredible notice in his window to advise his clients. One of the 260 invitees to Messi's wedding to Antonella Roccuzzo, on Friday June 30, the artist feels great respect and admiration for Messi. That is reflected by the notice he has put up.

As shown on his Instagram account, he has warned clients not to criticise the Barcelona No 10 in his parlour. "So the tattooing process doesn't hurt more than normal, don't speak ill of Messi in this place" reads his sign. Lopez did tattoos for Messi on his right arm and the black-out on his left leg. Works with which Messi was happy and Lopez was very proud.



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