Leo Messi on a possible renewal: "We aren't in talks with Barça right now"

The Argentine star tells SPORT he isn't in any rush to sign a new deal and money doesn't motivate him

No tengo intención de moverme a ningún lado, pero quiero seguir compitiendo y ganando, avisa el crack argentino en SPORT.es | sport

Lionel Messi's immediate future lies at FC Barcelona. There's nothing for the club and its supporters to worry about despite the fact his current deal allows him to leave on a free transfer in the summer. 

Ernest Folch


Albert Masnou

"That contract was agreed a long time ago," Messi told SPORT in an exclusive interview. "My idea is to stay here for as long as I'm capable of playing at the required level and my body allows it." 

"I don't even manage my contract, my father handles that. I only give my thoughts on it."


Messi made it clear that he doesn't see any reason to leave Barça as long as they keep winning trophies. "Obviously, I want to win. And I want to win with this club. This is my home. I don't plan on moving to anywhere else as long as we keep competing and winning."

Some reports have suggested that Messi might be in talks over a new deal. "My father handles all of that but we aren't in talks with Barça. My would have told me," joked Messi.



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