Messi, on his future: "Extra money or a clause don't matter to me"

Messi, on his future: "Extra money or a clause don't matter to me"

El crack argentino desvela en SPORT que su contrato incluye una cláusula de confidencialidad / | sport

The Argentine star told SPORT he couldn't speak about specific details of his contract but he wants to keep winning trophies at Barça

The future of Lionel Messi continues to be a concern for the FC Barcelona fan base. However, the club captain told SPORT that any potential clause doesn't matter as long as the team continues to win things.

Messi explained to SPORT that he's unable to give details on his contract so can't confirm whether or not he's able to leave the club on a free transfer this summer. "I can’t confirm anything because there are confidentiality agreements in our contracts which means I can’t say anything."

The Argentine wanted to assure Barça fans that he doesn't have any intention of walking away from the club. "What I can say is that I want to be at Barcelona as long as possible. I’ve said throughout my career that this is my home."


"But I also don’t want to have a long-term contract and only be here because of it. I want to be here because physically I’m fine, to play and be an important player," admitted Messi.

For the famous number 10, there are more important factors in football than the financial side of things. "For me, extra money or a clause don’t mean anything. Other things motivate me and the most important thing is having a winning team."

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