Leganes coach Javier Aguirre: I think we have been screwed!

The coach spoke after losing Braithwaite to Barcelona on Thursday

El primer entrenamiento de Braithwaite con el Barça | Maite Jiménez

Javier Aguirre, the manager of Leganes, has given his verdict on the sales of En-Nesyri to Sevilla and now, this week, Martin Braithwaite to FC Barcelona. 


The sales of the two players -- both for their release clauses -- leave Leganes in a tight spot as they fight to stay in the Spanish top flight. 

"As they say in Mexico, creo que nos chingaron (I think we've been screwed)," he said. "You don't imagine having two players whipped away from you when you're bottom of the league. Just like that: pum, gone. But the sun came up today and while FIFA let us play with 11 men, fantastic. I am happy with what I have." 

Aguirre added that "it's never happened where I've had a player taken away in a day, you don't imagine it. I have 26 players, though, so it would be disrespectful to say we're fucked because they're really good players. 

"I don't know what to invent now... I'm running out of rabbits in the hat. We're going to fight like animals, with the example of Getafe and Atletico this week. The lads are doing well." 

Asked what advice he would have for Barça about Braithwaite, he said: "I don't know what he will give them. I am not going to say, they will know why they signed him.

"I am not going to allow any excuses for not giving absolutely everything. We have to fight for every ball like it's the last. Those that don't understand that will be out the squad or on the bench. The challenge is huge, we need the fans with us." 



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