Laporta: Neymar could end up costing Barcelona 222 million euros

Joan Laporta, one of the four candidates to become FC Barcelona president in the upcoming elections, has said that "Neymar could end up costing 222 million euros." Laporta referred to the Brazilian's transfer while presenting his own economic project on Saturday, an act which also saw him reveal Joan Oliver will be the new general director if he's elected next weekend. 

Laporta was keen to point out that those who oversaw the 'Neymar Case' did a deal which could reach 222 million. "First of all, they said they had paid 57 million, later it's 86 million. And later still, they paid another 13. million in tax" as a preventive payment in the case that the club was found guilty of the alleged tax fraud. "In total, 100 million, to which we have to add the 122 million derived from all the judicial processes."


The candidate expressed his concern at the fact this saga is still rumbling on, two years after the transfer was completed, and that the controversy has still not been cleared up. He says that situations like this should never be allowed to have an impact on the image of the club again. 


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