Laporta: If Barça have to sign, it would be better to do so in January

Laporta: If Barça have to sign, it would be better to do so in January

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The Barcelona president says the club will be subjected to the 1:4 rule in the summer again

FC Barcelona, Joan Laporta, spoke to the media at the first edition of the Fundació de Enric Masip charity tournament at the Sant Cugat Golf Club. He spoke about the continued spending limits applied by LaLiga and the January transfer window.

Barça continue with their objective of constantly strengthening the squad and, asked about the club's chances of signing in the January transfer window, Laporta left the door ajar.

"Now, we are at the 1:1 rule in terms of spending (can spend everything they save/bring in), but in the summer we will be back at the 1:4 rule (can only re-invest 25% of saving/money raised)," Laporta explained.

"If we had to sign someone, it would be better to do it in the winter, but we have a very competitive team: we are the club that contributes the most players to the World Cup ( 17). It shows a job well done and is clear proof that Xavi is doing a great job."

Laporta continued: "We do not plan to do anything in January unless unforeseen circumstances occur that we have to resolve. That is because we already did our work in the summer with the 'palancas', which gave us a very competitive team. We are satisfied with how the season is going, despite the slip in the Champions League."

He also had words for LaLiga, commenting that "the league's (rules) restrict us more and more. They don't stop in their effort to make it more and more strict. If they had had this obsession with 'fair play' a while go, we would not be here now. I hope flexibility prevails."

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