Xavi Hernandez: Gavi and Pedri have everything to mark an era

Xavi Hernandez: Gavi and Pedri have everything to mark an era

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Barça coach praises his two young guns at the World Cup, hours before the Spain - Germany match

Xavi Hernandez was spotted in the Fan zone earlier in the day, playing with children. There he spoke to Televisión Española.

"I follow the national team, like most, very closely. They have played the best game of the World Cup so far, a spectacular performance in every way. All across the pitch. I'm very optimistic. We have to be cautious, but I have the feeling that we can do great things," he said regarding the Spanish national team.

Xavi has praised the figure of Luis Enrique, whom he knows perfectly well from his time with Barça.

"I have not spoken to him because he is involved in a competition. Just a message of luck and nothing more. I see him as calm, natural and above all as a leader. People are excited and I understand that. He communicates a lot".

The Barça coach had great words for two of his players, Gavi and Pedri, who played a great game against Costa Rica.

"They are extraordinary players and have everything to mark an era. Gavi is a leader, he oozes quality wherever he goes. He is extraordinary. And Pedri is a marvel in technique. They make a difference with us and also with the national team".

Xavi won the 2010 World Cup with the Spanish national team and compared that team with the current one.

"In the number of Barça players, it reminds you of my era, but not in the form. We were a very experienced group. It's not the same here. There's Jordi, Busi, César, and Koke, but the rest are very young and daring, they have no complexes, they play very well, and the first game was extraordinary."

The Barça coach also spoke about the problems of a sector of the press with Luis Enrique. Xavi advises them to remain calm.

"The important thing is for the national team to be calm. The press cannot be controlled, neither euphoria nor defeatism. They will be focused on today's match and will play their best, I have no doubt".

Xavi shared two more aspects of the World Cup. The first is his favourites for the tournament.

"Spain, France, Brazil and Argentina if they get over the hump".

And a few words of support for Messi.

"He is a friend and yesterday they took a weight off their shoulders. They achieved a victory that will give them a lot of morale".


Xavi has also spoken about the concern for possible injuries that his players may suffer, taking into account that Barça is the club that contributes the most players to the World Cup, a total of 17.

"Of course, we are worried about injuries, it already happened to us in the Champions League stage. I wish them all the best but that they come back healthy no? For us and everyone," he said, reminding everyone that this season "is two in one".

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