Koeman playing for his future as Barcelona host Granada at Camp Nou in LaLiga

Barça return to league action on Monday night when they take on Granada at 9pm CET

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Ivan San Antonio

Joan Laporta's face after the 0-3 reverse against Bayern Munich looked like the one he had after Barcelona lost to Granada to throw away LaLiga last season.

The president's anger, in both cases, was huge. He was irate. Last week he opted to call an urgent meeting with vice president Rafa Yuste and general director Mateu Alemany. They talked until two in the morning.

They talked about everything, above all Ronald Koeman's future, but decisions should not be made in the heat of the moment and the Barça president preferred to maintain calm and send a brief message to the fans the next day.

"I'm as angry as all of you," he said, before telling them to "have no doubts: we will fix this."

The relationship between the president and the coach has deteriorated (the messages from Enric Masip, advisor to the president, on Twitter are proof of that) despite the fact they both want to pull in the same direction without friction.

Given that instability, results take on an even bigger meaning and will, as is always the case, be what determines Koeman's future at Camp Nou.

The Dutch coach will be in the spotlight again on Monday against Granada. He will be playing to maintain the faith, which now only exists in public, Laporta has in him.

And despite that, the catastrophe would have to be huge to ensure Koeman doesn't continue on the bench for Thursday's trip to Cadiz. It could be that a bad result ultimately seals his fate against Granada, but the execution is not likely to be immediate.

Koeman needs to win and for Barça to play well. Anything else would serve to further reduce his chances of staying at the club.

"I don't know if I am playing for my job, no one has said anything to me. I am thinking about the game, anything else is not in my hands," Koeman said Sunday.

"I know what Barça is and in the end results count. I don't fear for my future, the club and the president will make decisions."

First Granada, then Cadiz and, to end the week, Levante. The future is short-term.

It's not just results that will be kept in mind. Everything will be looked at. The tactics, the style, who gets how many minutes, his management. The ball is in Koeman's court. On Sunday he insinuated the youngsters could get a chance.

Before the Bayern game, there were some Koeman Out banners. However, there was no criticism of him during the game. The feeling is that the support is divided on the Koeman issue, but those that would prefer a change haven't expressed their feeling loudly yet.




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