Juventus in advanced talks with FC Barcelona to sign Memphis Depay

Juventus in advanced talks with FC Barcelona to sign Memphis Depay

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The Italian club wants to respect Barça and are not asking for a free transfer, and are trying to settle all the figures

Juventus are eyeing Memphis to reinforce their attack and believes that the Dutchman can give a great performance in Calcio. The Italian club will try to reach a three-way agreement while respecting Barça's wishes by not asking for the player's letter of freedom.

Juventus have agreed to a loan with a mandatory option in future for purchase. But for this to work, Memphis must first renew one more year with the Spanish club and also reach an agreement with the Italians. They are working towards it even as Memphis is keeping his other opportunities open.

Memphis' lawyers spoke yesterday with the club, reiterating that the player's preference is to leave with the letter of freedom to choose his destination. He wants a Champions League club and a high pay, however, the fact that Juventus plan to close the operation in accord with Barça may lead the player to end up acquiescing as well. The intermediaries in charge of the whole proposal are also in Barcelona and are all waiting to move forward with the player, who is key in this deal.

Memphis wants a high salary and understands that a transfer would certainly lower his wage. But he is also aware that Juventus is a great option for the future and would think about it seriously. Recently, he has been linked with clubs like Chelsea and Borussia Dortmund, but now Barça are confident they can reach an agreement with the Italians. The hope is that the whole process is taken care of before the start of the league.

In principle, Chelsea's recent interest in Aubameyang should not change plans with Memphis, although Barça are certainly working on several fronts to keep many of their paths open. For now, the club have no official offer for Aubameyang so they are exploring the departure of Memphis, who has unfortunately lost his place to betters despite Xavi Hernandez being very happy with his performance.