Joselu yes, Joao Felix, no: Madrid and Barca decisions unfair?

Joselu yes, Joao Felix, no: Madrid and Barca decisions unfair?

Barça may not have deserved to win in Granada, but the truth is that Xavi Hernández's side got a third goal in stoppage time that was disallowed by Soto Grado, the same referee who did not award a clear penalty to the blaugranas in Getafe for bringing down Araujo.

The goal was scored by Joao Félix after a header at the far post from a cross from the right. Soto Grado disallowed it at the behest of his assistant for offside by Ferran Torres and the VAR, where Del Cerro Grande was present, ratified the referee's decision, considering that the Valencian tried to participate in the play and that his movement had an influence.

As the hours have gone by, the outrage at the disallowed goal has been growing at FC Barcelona, especially considering a similar action by Real Madrid's Joselu, which did result in a goal.

It was in the match between Real Madrid and Getafe. Pepe Bordalás' side were leading by the minimum when shortly after the start of the second half, Joselu equalised from Modric's cross from the right. The Blancos attacker was ahead of the Getafe defence when the Croatian crossed, which led to a failed clearance from Djené that Joselu himself took advantage of to equalise and start the comeback. Both Melero López, the referee for that game, and Munuera Montero from the VAR awarded the goal.

Barça believe that Joselu did have an influence on that play by causing Djené's poor clearance, while Ferran Torres had no influence at all on the play that ended with Joao Félix's goal because the ball went well over his head.

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