The license Barca need for new Camp Nou building work set to arrive

The license Barca need for new Camp Nou building work set to arrive

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FC Barcelona will hold its General Assembly of Commitment Holders on 21 October. One of the items on the agenda is a report on the state of the Espai Barça. And on that point, the board of directors hopes to give good news to its members.

If nothing goes wrong, the club hopes that Barcelona City Council will have granted the building permit to begin construction of the third tier of what will be the new Spotify Camp Nou before the Assembly is held.

Barça are very satisfied with how Limak has carried out the demolition of the third tier and other areas of the stadium. In fact, it is reported that the demolition work has been carried out faster than expected, but they are still stuck on obtaining the licence to start building.


Barcelona City Council had already warned that the process was slow, as Joan Laporta's board of directors had modified the initial plan approved by Josep Maria Bartomeu's previous board. The third tier was substantially modified to include two rings of boxes, increasing its height.

El Camp Nou por dentro, durante las obras de reconstrucción


The stages

Barça had hoped to have the licence to build ready in August and now believe it will arrive before the Assembly, as Limak are ready to begin construction of the new stadium once they have worked thoroughly on the demolition, which began in the first phase in November 2022 and was accelerated when the season ended last summer.

Obtaining the licence and starting construction is key to meeting the planned dates. Barça plans for the team to be able to play at the Spotify Camp Nou again, albeit with limited seating, in November 2024. In recent weeks, some voices, such as Jaume Roures, have been pessimistic about the return to the stadium.

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